Tami M. Nakahara, MD


“My role as a pediatrician is to listen, learn and teach.”

The most rewarding part of Dr. Nakahara’s day is seeing familiar faces, and she finds that good communication and follow-up are the most important aspects of taking care of children.

Often addressed as “Dr. Tami” her goal is to ensure that all of her patients and their families feel comfortable conversing with her, in-person or on the phone.  The most enjoyable part of her day is seeing familiar faces and getting her patients to play and interact as they would at home.

Dr. Nakahara manages the Pre-Adolescent Education Program of Children’s HealthCare Medical Associates. She is also a strong advocate of breast feeding, having nearly four years of personal experience. Proud to be a San Diego pediatrician, “Dr. Tami’s” professional interests include teaching prenatal and infant massage classes.

A native of the Sacramento, CA, area, Dr. Nakahara obtained both her undergraduate degree and pediatric residency training at UC San Diego, and completed medical school at Tulane University. She is board certified in pediatrics and is a candidate fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Most of Dr. Nakahara’s spare time (as well as her husband, Scott Delman’s) is spent keeping up with her son, Kai, born August 2000, and daughter, Alani, born February 2003. The family has had many hiking, biking and camping adventures together.  Now that the kids are bigger, they have been able to go on longer trips, including internationally!  She also enjoys gardening, sewing and woodworking in their 1925 California Bungalow.

Professional Special Interests:

Adolescent Medicine, Breastfeeding Support

Primary Care Pediatrics with a specialized touch


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