Children's Healthcare Medical Associates is working with Rady Children's Hospital and Nemours Child Health System to provide videos, articles and links with quality information (in English and Spanish) for our families.

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Treatment Options for ADHD - ADDitude Magazine

Morning and Evening Routines - ADDitude Magazine

Managing ADHD Worksheet - Therapist Aid

Parent's Guide to Behavior Therapy - ADDitude Magazine

Common Daily Strategies for Children with ADHD

Managing Screen Time with ADHD - Understood

Health and Disease Specific Information for Parents for Kids for Teens en Español para Padres

Infant Care

How to Settle a Crying Baby - Dr. Harvey Karp

Stretching for Infants with Torticollis


Rice Products: What You Should Know


Preparing your Child for Vaccinations

How to Deal with your Child's Picky Eating

Keeping your Children from Fighting



Using a Spacer and Mask with your MDI

Using Various Inhalers with or without a Spacer


Acne: Myths

Head lice treatment

Insect Repellents

Importance of Sunscreen for Teens

Choosing a Sunscreen

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